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Biomimetics As a Tool For New

Biomimetics As a Tool For New: First off, organisms that use materials from nature in their construction tend to make more efficient use of those materials than human-designed constructions do—and thus require less material overall. For example, spiders produce silk that’s five times stronger than steel for its weight (and yet takes up less space). Those kinds of qualities are often hard to match through man-made design processes.

Secondly, nature has been perfecting her designs for over millennia; copying them means you don’t have to start from scratch.

Biomimetics As a Tool For New:

And finally, mimicking natural designs allows us to take advantage of what animals have already learned about survival in their environments: they know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to building a structure or moving around or attracting a mate, or whatever else they need to do.

There are lots of ways we can learn from them! As if all that weren’t enough, some researchers think that learning from nature could actually help solve some of our biggest problems. For instance, scientists have developed solar cells inspired by leaves and spider webs, while other engineers are working on buildings modeled after termite mounds.

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